Neck Pain


We live in Budapest, and unfortunately, we do not speak Hungarian. My wife recommended Eva, who she treated for back pain on multiple occasions. I was hesitant to make an appointment because, at the time, I was seeing a physical therapist for my problem.

One day I was playing with my daughter, and while I lifted her, my neck pain got so bad that I could hardly move my head due to pain. I went to a manual therapist, and my pain got even worse, so I finally decided to make an appointment with Eva.

My symptoms started about five years ago due to sitting a lot, weightlifting, and overuse.

When I finally got to Eva's office, my pain was so severe that I did not even sit down so I would not have to move my head. I could not even lift my arm to shoulder height.

The treatment was painful, but after my first session with her, I was able to lift my arm, and my pain decreased significantly with an improved range of motion. I had a few more sessions with her to further improve my symptoms and to be able to stay pain-free.

I am so happy that I found a therapist in Budapest who speaks English and is an excellent professional and therapist.