About Me


Physical Therapist

I graduated from Haynal Imre University of Health and Sciences in Budapest in 1998 as a Physical Therapist. I started my career working at Sport Kórház (Hospital for Sports Medicine) where I worked in an outpatient setting treating a diverse population of patients focusing on orthopedic conditions.

In 2005 I moved to Vienna, Austria with my family, where I attended a 7.5 years osteopathy postgraduate course for physicians and physiotherapists at WSO (Wiener Schule für Osteopathie, 2011-2016.) The University's MSC program is in cooperation with Danube-Univeristy Krems, which I plan to complete in the future.

During my training I worked at different private Clinics in Sopron and in 2017 I opened my own Clinic in Budapest.

In my work I apply a holistic approach to osteopathy, detailed musculoskeletal examination, manual treatment techniques, complemented by the new methods of manual therapy that I have acquired at further training courses in Hungary.

My patients seek my help with conditions such as inflamed joint pain due to accidents or sports injuries, chronic spinal and other joint pain that have lasted for many years.