Headache treatment


Intro: 75 years old person; dual citizen of Hungary and of USA

After a car accident in 1985 I had terrible headaches for 30+ years. Tried everything. Massage, chiropractor, exercises. The pain took charge of my life as when it came on, I couldn't do anything, of course I could not drive. Stopped going out as I was not sure if I could drive back home. Top it with the nightmare of losing sleep (2-3 hrs a night), I got to a miserable state. I couldn't think, which is not a good idea for a scientist. Luckily found an Great neurologist at Beth-Israel in Boston, he helped me sending to a good PT therapist. But the recurrent headaches kept coming back. Less often, but they did.

Two years ago, I had to travel home for a family emergency. The long flight and stress triggered the terrible headache. Lucky me, I got referred to Eva. Just one hour of treatment made the headache go away. After a couple more sessions I was doing great for about six months! Simply amazing.

Recently I was diagnosed with scoliosis and spinal stenosis. Lost reflexes in my legs and have been in constant pain for 4 months. PT didn't do its magic, but Eva did hers! Went to see her. For two hours this time as there is more to treat. Result: I have hardly any pain!

Not surprisingly every time I visit Hungary, my first appointment is to see Eva.